The 2013 Rating For Higher Education Institutions in Malaysia (SETARA '13)

A total of 53 universities and university colleges participated in the 2013 Rating for Higher Education Institutions in Malaysia (SETARA '13) exercise. SETARA '13 measures the quality of teaching and learning at level six (undergraduate level) of the Malaysian Qualifications Framework (MQF). It is a continuation of the 2011 Rating System for Higher Education Institutions in Malaysia (SETARA '11) and was conducted as a review exercise using the same instrument as in SETARA '11.

Overall, the results of the 53 institutions in SETARA '13 showed a commendable achievement. Seven institutions which was rated Tier 4 in SETARA '11 improved its rating to Tier 5 in SETARA '13. One institution which was rated Tier 3 in SETARA '11 progressed to Tier 4 in SETARA '13. Forty-two institutions achieved Tier 5 (Excellent) and 11 institutions achieved Tier 4 (Very Good). Nevertheless, no institution achieved Tier 6 (Outstanding) and none of the institutions are in Tier 3 (Good) or lower.

MQA has disseminated the result to institutions which participated in SETARA '13 on 17 November 2014 (Monday). For any inquiries regarding this matter, please contact Ms. Syazana Mat Sarit (Tel.: 03-7968 2619).


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